Booktique Sales and Specials of the Week

Every week, the Booktique offers Sales and Specials. Some of these tie into holiday themes or seasons, and some highlight different categories of books. Check back each week to see what the specials and sales are for the upcoming week. Then come into Booktique and see all the books that are available at Special and Sale rates. You might find a treasure you hadn't thought to look for before! And, you can't beat our prices, especially when we have half-price sales!

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Current Specials at Booktique

Currently ALL BOOK SETS are on sale half-price (through August 12)
This includes any two books or more that go together: boxed sets or numbered volumes, Britannica Great Books or Collectors' Library, Shakespeare, Kipling, cookbook annuals, etc. 
We will be generous in our definition of "sets", and include books like the Lord of the Rings trilogy which is priced individually but is a trilogy, or classic mysteries which are by different authors but are all bound the same (red hardcovers). You will find sets on the long shelves under the Current Fiction table and also on the cart just inside the door, as well as in Literature and History, and in other fiction and non-fiction sections. LPs, CDs, and DVDs are included, as are any sets in the cabinets! This is a golden opportunity to "class up" your bookcases with beautiful leather bound books!

Sadly, the Blue Moon coffee shop is closed. The restaurants across Mercantile Drive all serve coffee to go, and of course there is Starbucks just a block away... You are welcome to bring your coffee into the store: please use the trash cans in the atrium when you are finished.

Thank you for shopping at the Booktique! Your purchases help support special programs of our Lake Oswego Public Library including Lake Oswego Reads, Summer Reading, and Books for Babies. Booktique has everything from board books for babies to horror fiction for teens, so come in and browse or ask our helpful staff for suggestions. Almost every day at Booktique, you'll find a retired teacher or children's librarian among the dedicated volunteers, and they are programmed to be helpful. Come say "hello" and find new books to enjoy this spring.

Booktique is run by the Friends of the Lake Oswego Public Library, one of the main sponsors of the Lake Oswego Reads program each year. We encourage you to "Join Us", to support our local library and wonderful library programs, and to stay up-to-date on events, specials and news. For information and to join the Friends, visit

Booktique Used Book Store is open Tuesday through Saturday from 10-4, with extended hours on Wednesdays until 7pm. 

See you at Booktique!

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